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inno.N is a well-trusted partner of many distribution channels in Vietnam’s Fast-moving Consumer Goods industry, Healthcare, and Cosmetic products.

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Hair Dye Shaking Pudding Hair Color

Shaking Pudding is a popular hair dye brand from South Korea. Their products are famous for a rich, pigmented result thanks to oat-extract amino acids, which have a similar structure to that of hair.

Shaking Pudding makes at-home hair dying quick, easy, and fun like shaking a jiggly pudding. The product also contains extracts from camellia, avocado, daisy, aloe vera, along with other natural ingredients that deliver a silky look with long-lasting color coverage on the hair.


Cosmetic Brand Farmskin Fresh Food for Skin

FARMSKIN is a cosmetic brand from South Korea. Fresh Food For Skin is one of FARMSKIN’s most popular skincare lines, formulated with ingredients from fresh fruits that nourish and revitalize the skin.

The Fresh Food For Skin collection includes essential items that can be used for every step of a skincare routine, starting from cleansing to skin nourishing.

All products are manufactured and exported from Korea.

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We’re proud to operate our business in Vietnam with a diverse sales network ranging from big supermarkets to small chains of convenience stores spread across the country. Thanks to this, our products reach the hands of every potential customer quickly, our brand awareness increases, and sales are well boosted.

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