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Product exchange and return policy

Product Exchange & Return Policy

  1. Exchange (Return) Products When There is a Manufacturer Defect

inno.N only applies the product Exchange (Return) policy in case the product you receive is defective (the packaging is different from the description on the website, the product is different from the product ordered, and the product is different from the one described on the website. deformed due to manufacturer defect). Customers please contact us within 48 hours from the time of receiving the goods, for quick and attentive support. After 48 hours from the time you receive the goods, inno.N will refuse to support complaints according to the above content.

In case of compliance with the Product Exchange (Return) Regulation, you are RIGHT to exchange for a product of the same type as the product ordered previously. Or you are also RIGHT to PAY if you no longer need to buy that product at our booth.

  1. Exchange (Return) Products When There is Error During Shipping

When you receive the product, please CHECK it immediately upon delivery. If you find any problem with the product, please CONTACT inno.N IMMEDIATELY at that time or refuse to receive the goods if the goods are defective.

inno.N applies COD (cash-on-delivery) delivery method, so you can completely check the goods before receiving. In case there is a record of co-inspection between the carrier and the buyer, inno.N would like to not support exchange (return) under all conditions.

  1. Requirements When Applying Product Exchange (Return) Policy

  • The product has no signs of being used, with the manufacturer's stamp, label, packaging or seal intact;
  • The product has full accessories, stamps or warranty card and accompanying gifts (if any);
  • Customers also keep receipts confirming the purchase (order number, purchase invoice, delivery receipt, bank statement when paying by transfer ...)
  • Customers proceed to contact us for specific instructions on the Product Exchange (Return) Process within 3 working days from the time of successful receipt of the goods.
  1. Product Exchange (Return) Process

  • Customers contact inno.N directly at the hotline number: 028 6255 6739 for specific instructions on the Product Exchange (Return) Process;
  • After we confirm the product information and status via email or/and contact us directly via the hotline number, if eligible to apply inno.N's Product Exchange (Return) Policy, the exchange will be (return) the goods will be made in accordance with our regulations;
  • The handling process and procedures for product exchange (return) will be carried out within 30 days from the date N receives all relevant information and documents and receives the product back from the customer in accordance with regulations;
  • Please pay the shipping fee when you send the item at the post office, and we will not refund this cost. However, free shipping will be available for orders in the "Exchange product" group.

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